Home is where the heart is...

and where you are most comfortable. My heart is really taken by photographing families at home after their beautiful baby is born. There is something magical about capturing babies with their families as they bond and begin to really explore the world around them. In those first few weeks of life babies are really trying to adapt to a new space. New smells. New environment. New everything! This is my main reason for choosing to be a Lifestyle and In-home Newborn Photographer, intimacy and comfort.

When I met this beautiful family back in the summer for a family maternity session, the stunning mama was ready to bring in a third life into the world. They already had a set of twins at home and had chosen to wait till the birth to find out the gender of the baby. Exciting for everyone at home, especially those twins! And our newborn session allowed me to capture the love and excitement the kids had with their new baby brother, while playing with their toys, jumping on their beds, and simply living their life. This was magical and you cannot recreate this in a studio.

Authentic. Emotive. Pure. Love.

Newborn photography for me is more than capturing an adorable sleepy baby. It is about family. Your family. I always suggest to my families that we schedule our session between 3 and 4 weeks after the baby is born. Upon the birth of the baby I ask my clients to text me so I can send dates and times that work in that time frame for our session. Easy. During in-home sessions you can highlight those beautiful cribs and nursery rooms, or simply capture the beauty of the light by a window and remember those special times at home with your new bundle. And I absolute love that in those 3rd and 4th weeks of life, when those baby eyes are opening, we can truly capture the wonder the see around them.

How do you prepare for an in-home session?

It is so important that I remind my families that you are not going to need a cleaning crew for your session. Repeat after me, Newborn! As new parents I know how absolutely busy your lives get and I would never ask that you take time away from your newborn to clean your home. Instead I ask to have a virtual session so I can see where the best lighting in during the time our session will happen and we do a virtual walkthrough of the spaces so I know what I am working with. When I arrive I may move some things around in the rooms so that the shots are clutter free and the focus is on the family. Some clean sheets for the bed and that is it!

What do we wear for the session?

Comfort is the word! A few weeks after the baby is born your body is still adjusting, and you should wear something comfortable. I suggest a dress or robe that is comfortable, and always try to stay away from constricting clothing. Neutral colors are great, but bold colors are beautiful. Don't forget to show your personality in your photos. These are YOUR photos. Along with your session I offer complimentary outfit ideas and mood boards to help you select outfits that will mesh well together. If your nursery is painted and has beautiful decor, send me a photo so we can select colors to compliment your home. But in the end, we make it simple, wear clothing that is comfortable.

What about props for the baby?

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions do not typically come with buckets and tiny beds, or a bunch of costume outfits for the baby. In general the feel of a session like this is natural, baby led posing, and focused on the baby. That being said, each session is unique and specifically created to tell your families story. When I arrive to a home for a session I typically have some wraps, and texture blankets that photograph beautifully, and a few outfits that might match your decor if it helps. Nothing overwhelming because I want each image to focus on you and your family.

Last tips...

When you are looking for a newborn photographer be sure to ask questions about their style. Take a look at their social media pages and check out their work. Be sure to tell them about what your are looking for and see if your styles match. After you select your photographer don't hesitate to send them images you have saved from Pinterest, Instagram, or snapshots of the scrapbook you have been building since you first heard the heartbeat of your little one.

I truly believe that photographing a family is an intimate and personal service that needs to feel beautiful and natural. And above all other things, have fun during your session.

Hope to see you on the other side of my lens.

inhome newborn photoshoot