Are you ready for magic?

The season is here my friends, and in the scramble that is holiday shopping, there is also holiday photo taking! Christmas mini sessions are always a hot item each season for families, especially those with small children. We want to hold onto the magic of the season as long as possible, and one of those ways includes annual photos to capture feeling we all have during this special time of year. For the families that visit me it is no different. Together, along with some magic and pretend play, families come to me to create images that they can use for photo cards, wrapped gifts, and the simple pleasure of the memory we capture.

Various backdrops and sets allow my families the chance to dress in their holiday best and take lovely images. This year we had three sessions that families were able to select from, allowing for a variation in images for their gallery. I am sure each year to send out information that induces the colors of each set, and suggestions on what to wear for holiday photos. Giving clients as much information and guidance before hand, allows for a smoother day of photo taking and avoiding any issues with stress or worry.

Plan for the best, and roll with it!

Let's face it, kids will be kids. Sometimes our little ones want to have their photo taken, and other times it is just a bit harder. Don't fret. I will do my best to document authentic energy during each session. I work hard with each family before hand to find out each Childs name and things they like so I can attempt to connect with hem during our session. Asking a tiny human to smile at a camera is not often the best way to capture authentic photos. Instead, we create scenarios that allow for a very organic flow of movement and in turn, we get some really adorable and special moments captured on camera.

When I have the honor of capturing multiple kiddos in the same family, I love to get images of different group of the kids together. It is important to make the families feel as comfortable as possible. In my case, I try and connect with the older kids in the family so I can recruit them to help me wrangle in the smaller ones who may feel a bit uncertain about the lady with a big camera. Making that connection with one of the older kids allows them to feel helpful, not bored, and gives the younger kids someone to follow that they trust.

In the end, have fun and let kids be kids.

First Christmas as a family images are special!

I remember when I first became a mom and I wanted every moment of my baby boys first Christmas to be perfect! This included all the photos possible, with all the props, and then... I forgot to be in the picture! One of the reasons I offer these mini sessions is because I know how important being a part of the photo is for parents. During your mini session I work with you to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed so your photos feel like you are drinking hot cocoa in your very own living room, or reading a fantastic book to your beautiful little one.

When I send out all the information about mini sessions I am always available to help answer questions about what to wear and how to stage your outfits for multiple sets. This also allows me to know what you need for your session o be a success as well. The more information I get about the clients the better I can serve hem and create a space that is both unique and personal.

I personally do not schedule many mini sessions, I offer two days of mini sessions to keep the experience special and exclusive.

Plan ahead!

I get it, some people wait until the last minute, or time goes by too fast and then they absolute need a lot minute session. I work hard to communicate early in the season and book my mini sessions with enough time to edit and return the galleries to my clients in time for them o order their prints and cards. I pride myself on working hard and smart not to overwhelm myself, especially during this season, because these photos are so important to so many families. So plan ahead. If you want those holiday photos in time to send out cards and gifts, make sure to book your session early in the season. Get on your favorites photographers email list, and you will be sure to get the information you need early enough to get a pot.

There is nothing like waiting for the last minute and treelike that you are late to the party to order your pictures.

If you want to know when my mini sessions are going on, please click the link to get on the email list! You will be the first to know when and where my sessions are going on!

Hope to see you on the other side of my lens.