It's a love story that began...

In Junior High????

Gosh. When I first saw these two arrive with their beautiful little humans I was taken back first by their beauty, and then by the light {sol} that was illuminating from them. And then I found out why... These two had been together for most of their lives and they still liked each other. Like since junior high school!?

Now that is worth celebrating.

I was honored to meet them and learn of their story while taking their Holiday Mini Session photos. It was beyond refreshing to say the least. But not only where they great, but the whole vibe of their session was fantastic! The kids were beautiful and all for photos, especially their playful little guy. As a lifestyle photographer offering Holiday Mini sessions I try to add a few props to the scene but really what I want is for the family to tell the picture. And these beautiful folks told a story of love, happiness, and unity.

In most of my sessions I try to get at least a few images of the parents, because God knows most of us haven't had a professional photo since our wedding day. But with this bunch, I got many! It was like watching a high school courtship unfold before me. And I LOVED IT! Bring on the love birds, I love me some PDA.

So how did we do it? Some of it is organic, of course, they have been together so long how could it not be? But heaps of it was through directing. Directing emotions is what makes Lifestyle sessions so different from a regular portrait session. I want to capture emotive moments on camera.

The difference is in the directing.

Some of my favorite cues for partners is to lean in and tell the other person an inside joke, this makes it personal but sometimes silly so I get really great laughs.

Another that I love is, get really close and smell their partners neck. I love this one because in one direction I get a sensual image followed immediately by some hair tossing laughing.

Lastly, I try and get a walking shot. Why? Because I love movement, but also because to me it tells the story of this pairs journey of walking through life together. Cheesy. Yes. But absolutely does the trick.

But no matter how long you have been together, 20 years, 5 years, 2 months, when there is love it will show. All you need is a cute outfit, some great lighting and... me.

Till the next click.