Why should you book a maternity or pregnancy shoot?

So much change is happening when a woman is pregnant, between her physical transformation to the reality of a new life being added to the family dynamic. Maternity photoshoots are a great way to document this time in your life and create beautiful memories for your children to look back on. A client once told me that this was the experience in her life she never knew she needed!

Let's chat through 5 reasons to book maternity photoshoot:

Legacy Memories

Yes, these photos are for you, now, but 5 years down the road when you are telling that little one their birth story and looking at these photos, or 30 years from now when they are on their journey to parenthood these photos will now be about your family legacy. Taking time to document such a special time in your families story allows for generations to look back and also tell your story, keeping you and your child alive in the stories of grandchildren and great grandchildren of the future. Make sure to leave your story well documented.

Celebrate your Magic

Gosh, you may not know it yet {you should!} but your body is magical! As a woman you are creating new life, literally, with every breath you take during your pregnancy. Having your photos taken during your last trimester, typically best taken between 28-33 weeks, really allows the glow of motherhood and the growth of your baby bump to be showcased. After your baby is birthed you will be surprised how much you miss rubbing your belly, talking to that beautiful baby inside you, or simply sitting a donut on it as a shelf, but you will miss it and this pregnancy photoshoot will allow you to look back and remember this moment in time. I could stop here and say this is enough for a reason to have your maternity photos taken, but we will continue.

Capture the intimacy of your love

Pregnancy is not a journey most go on alone, and having maternity photos taken of you and your partner allow you to take a moment to hold hands, smile at each other, and simply be together as you reflect on what you have created. Whether your journey into pregnancy was quick or you took many steps to arrive at your pregnancy, if you did it along side someone you will want to treasure this moment in time. Your life will change after the birth of your child, and this allows for a brief but important reminder of why you began on that journey in the first place.

Have your other children get involved

With each child you bring into the world there is a new family dynamic and siblings are probably feeling all sorts of new emotions just as you are, anticipation, excitement, nervousness. A family maternity photoshoot gives you a chance to make your children who have already been born feel extra special and filled with positive energy. They get to dress up, snuggle up with their parents, and in some cases be a part of a big reveal like the gender or name of the baby using a cute sign or prop. After the baby is born you will print these photos and put it in a frame in the siblings room to remind them how important they are to the family. One great tip I share with families when we are going to involve older siblings in these photoshoots is to bring a wrapped gift for the sibling the day of the session and tell them they can unwrap their surprise after the photos are taken. This can help keep them excited throughout the photoshoot and possibly avoid any meltdowns later in the session.

Create Heirloom Art Pieces

Let's face it, in today's age of cell phone photography we lack that excitement of brining a roll of film in to the store and picking it up later for the big reveal of what is actually on it. {for those who have never used film, ask your parents!} But seriously, we don't print nearly as many photos or sit down to thumb through albums like generations of past. With an investment in a maternity photoshoot you will print your photos, your photographer will show you beautiful albums to purchase, and you will have gorgeous heirloom art pieces to hang on your walls or fill your shelves so you can treasure this incredibly quick section in your families story.

These 5 reasons on why to book your maternity session should help you pull the trigger and send that contact form. When I work with families on maternity sessions I remind them often about how important this moment in their lives is, and how special it will be to look back on it for generations to come. Remember, book those sessions, get your hair and makeup done, and feel amazing!

expecting couple with mama to be in red dress twirling peals and man looking at her
beautiful mother to be in red dress standing in Belmore New York Park
Mother to be at maternity photoshoot in lace dress laughing
Studio maternity photoshoot of mama to be in silk fabric