Fall and the Holidays are a great time to update family photos.

Many photographers take this time of year as an opportunity to set up mini sessions on their calendar and capture families during the changing of the seasons with beautiful sets and backdrops. I set up a few dates during the fall and holiday season to capture as may families as possible on camera. Why should you book a mini session this season?

Reason #1 - Get a top rate photographer and quality photos at a discounted rate!

Most mini sessions are offered at a fraction of the cost of a regular photo session. This is a great way to get quality at a more affordable rate, especially when you have little ones that may not love to take photos. Make sure to grab a spot as early as possible so you can guarantee a spot with your desired photographer. I post time availability about 2 months out to give my amazing people time to plan for the photo session.

Reason #2 - Quick and painless...

Sometimes getting family members on board to take annual photos can be... difficult.

Mini sessions make that a bit easier since they typically last between 10-20 minutes, depending on the session. So for those who are not the most accommodating to photo sessions, keeping it very fast makes it much easier to agree to and to capture genuine happy energy on camera. No one wants a grump during the session... it shows on camera, I can assure you.

Parents kissing while kids look a bit shocked while in park during fall photo session.
Little boy and mother having fun tossing leaves during fall family photo session at Forest Park, Queens.

Reason #3 - Kids get bored!

Sometimes, even your most eager kiddo will be over taking photos pretty quickly. Mini photo sessions offer a simple solution to short attention spans. I tell my families to let the kiddos know they will take a few photos at the location and play some games, and when they are done they should take them someplace special like an ice cream shop or favorite sticker shop. This is normally enough of a fun item to work for that kids get excited about and keep it together for the 10-20 minute session resulting in big belly laughs and amazing candid captures.

Reason #4 - Document your changing family annually.

Making mini sessions a family tradition gives you a perfect way to document your families growth and expansion. Using these images for holiday cards, or family albums allows you to creatively share these growth moments with family and keep for yourself. Most photographers offer print options to help streamline holiday cards and other gift ideas like ornaments for stocking stuffers. Beginning this year, I will send out a holiday gift guide to families to help with the ordering process.

Taking annual photos is not only important today, I absolutely believe that these photos will help document our families for generations to come. I would also add that photographing a family is not enough, you must print your images! Yes, MUST! Please, after your photos are delivered do not hesitate in printing them on quality photo paper and creating beautiful albums. Your photographer should be able to help you navigate this or offer print options as a part of the service.

Happy photo sessions friends!


Beautiful family gets all dressed up in their holiday best for winter family photo session in the park.