Welcome to my personal journey in becoming a photographer!


I'm Yamaris, and I just love to take photographs. Lots of them. This year I decided to take ownership of that passion and begin a journey of learning about light (sol), composition, and making magic happen with every click of my camera. My inspiration comes from lifestyle photography, and capturing those special family moments and personal milestones (maternity, newborn, birthday and graduation photos, to name a few.)


Throughout my time on this beautiful earth I have truly enjoyed documenting my experiences through photographs. I was always the one with a camera, taking candid photos of friends and family, or just my surroundings. Boxes of photos. Countless albums. So many memories, forever captured from film to digital, from childhood through my adult life. I believe that theses photographs will tell my story when I am no longer here to do so. Photographs leave your legacy, for generations.


Like many new parents, after having my son in 2015, I picked up my point and shoot camera and started clicking away. I was committed to having every milestone and accomplishment captured on camera. Like many families I also sought out a newborn photographer, check. Had 6 month milestone photos taken, check. Took 1st birthday smash cake photos, check. Christmas photos, check. There is no greater joy, in my opinion, than being able to look back at those photographs and be filled with emotion when you relive those moments. 


Along the way our son no longer responded to looking at the camera or posing on command. We soon got an Autism diagnosis that changed our lives. And also how we participate in things we loved, like annual photoshoots. More on that another day.


Out of this, a special part of my soul knew I needed to create a space for families with special needs to feel safe and seen when taking family photos. I bring my own personal experience behind the lens for special needs photography and I understand that some families need just a little more time, that stimming is beautiful and a part of the family member’s true self, and that not looking at the camera and smiling is a-ok! In fact, I find unscripted, natural, emotive captures to be the best!


Now, as a mother to two fantastic little humans, I continue to strive to capture those special moments, especially between them. Their brother and sister love are in full display all around our home. I print my photos. We take time as a family to look at them and talk about them. Storytelling through photography allows me to create stories without words, just emotion.


My goal in creating photographic art is to build a safe and beautiful space for ALL families to have their memories captured on camera. So that later they can be printed, shared, and passed down for generations.


As an aspiring family photographer I want to help others capture the beauty of their lives, as a moment in time, and help them tell their story. I have committed myself to a journey of learning and this is where I plan on sharing those projects, photoshoots, and my personal progress.


So join me on this journey, and let me know what you see through my lens.


I'll snap you later!