First Birthday session filled with pure madness!

Baby girl Charlize was an absolute stunner during her first birthday session with me in Long Island City, Queens. I met her for the first time when she was only 7 days old during her newborn session, and since then have been honored to capture her milestones from her sitter session, to this fantastic first birthday photoshoot. This milestone session was filled with all the fun that is a tea party, glam time with mommy, and a smash cake to close the day out.

Mother Daughter Time

I loved that this beautiful mother daughter duo were able to have some special moments together during this session, as emotion filled as many of them were. During my sessions I encourage each family member to be a part in the photos. These memories should be more than just babies smiling for a camera, I truly believe they should be filled with memories and moments, and this session had all those things and more. Mama came ready for our session with coordinating outfits, and eyes filled with tears as she gazed into her little girls eyes. I was just happy to be a part of it all.

The vision started with a call to determine what style of session she wanted, and from there we discusses outfits and setup. From there we selected outfits, I rented a stunning couture dress, and mama brought in some amazing outfits from her own closet. Together with some small props, all of the magic of mother and daughter love came to life. Sometimes mama was filled with laughs, and seconds later I could see a small well of water fill her eyes as she took in the moment. I was there for it all, and I am honored to have captured it for them during her little one's first birthday photo session.

Mother and daughter during first birthday photo session with Sweet Sol Photo.
Stunning mother and daughter during 1st birthday milestone session with Sweet Sol Photo.
Mother tenderly holds baby girl during first birthday photo session in Queens, NY with Sweet Sol Photo.

Glam time for the birthday girl.

We were able to get through 3 different looks with this sweet girl and this gave her gallery a ton of variety. What is the secret? No secret, just go with the flow. Baby girl was all over the place... all over. But that added energy, vibe, excitement to the photos. We blew up a few balloons to add texture and interest to the set, but also to give Charlize something to play with and keep her focused. This helps when you have a one year old that is in a new space and ready to explore. Need some other ways to keep baby entertained during a first birthday session? Bring toys baby can smash together and make noise, or play peek-a-boo. I love to dance around and just act silly, but that is my personality so it works. If you are less of the entertainer, ask the parents for help. My last go to for having baby feel good is to bring a gift and have them unwrap it during the session. It adds something special to the experience, while also giving baby something new to explore on camera.

Stunning baby girl in a black dress during her first birthday photo session in Queens, NY.
Mother and daughter hug during first birthday photo session in Queens, NY.
Baby girl enjoys a run with balloons during her birthday session in queens, NY.

Dress rental for the win!

One way to make sure a photo session is special and unique is to rent a couture dress. Not only are these dresses absolutely stunning, they are limited, making your child one of only a few people who will wear it and so be photographed in it. That makes it even more special and unique. When I found the amazing company Bentley and Lace, I just knew I had to order some dresses, and this one was perfect for baby Charlize's first birthday session. She looked like a princess in it and the images made perfect memories of her first year of life. I will absolutely recommend to my clients to rent a dress for their special moment, it was so very worth it.

First birthday photo session in Queens NY with Sweet Sol Photo.
Baby girl having a tea party inspired 1st birthday photo shoot in queens New York.
Baby girl during first birthday photo session in Queens, NY.

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