The Beauty of the Blossom

Blossom season was the perfect way to start building my photography portfolio, with beautiful trees and a beautiful mother daughter photoshoot how could I go wrong? I was incredibly lucky to begin this process with these two beauties. After my initial ask, and her absolutely honoring me with a yes, we chatted about outfits, hair, makeup, and what our goals were for the photos.

I think we nailed it all!

Picking a location for an outdoor photoshoot, especially in a highly populated or sought out location like this one can be uber challenging, especially for a new photographer like me. But blossom season is short, and I knew I wanted to capture the new growth of the season in this photoshoot. Both mama and mini were up for pretty much anything, and my goal of a natural fun filled shoot was realized. 

Posing can feel a little awkward and forced for us non model folk, and kids, well, they are kids, and don’t typically want to stay still for more than a few seconds. That’s why I really enjoy feeding off of people when taking photos. Telling people to look at the camera rarely works for everyone and can be stressful, and sometimes result in painful looking images. To avoid this, we played games, participated in pretend play, pretended it was nap time, asked the tiny beauty to run to titi, really anything to keep them engaged with each other. That was my styling goal. Carefree, emotion filled, loved images. Just honest photos. 

The location can get very busy, so we tried to pick a time that was likely to be less visited, but that meant it was close to high noon. Many people feel like a great photo can’t be taken at any hour except right before sunset, and although that light is absolutely beautiful, for many families with small children that time is just not ideal. We made it work perfectly by finding good shade and those trees did not disappoint. In other cases, we just embraced the sun. Let the shadows highlight the face, and enjoyed it. 

I have to be entirely honest, this felt easy. Both of these beautiful subjects were so happy, and went with the flow, allowing my initial butterflies in the tummy to just float away. I hope you enjoy the shades of pink with a side of mama joy. 

Till the next click. 

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motherhood photography
motherhood photography
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