Family lifestyle sessions can be done in studio, here's how!

My style is absolutely about capturing authentic moments on camera, and often people feel you cannot do that in a studio, but I disagree. I love using a fun studio to highlight a family's style, or create a unique vibe. This in-studio lifestyle session did not disappoint. From the moment we selected the location at Brooklyn Photo Studios in Brooklyn, NY this beautiful couple had outfits in mind. From the color of dads shirt I was able to look through my client closet to select a few dresses that would match with color and style.

The rest is history as they say. Or in this case, a vintage vibe.

When we got going, I quickly saw the chemistry between these lovebirds needed to be center stage. With a newborn and a young child, sometimes parents find it hard to connect with each other due to exhaustion... not these two. It was like photographing a love story for the ages. Soft touches. Sensual gazes. All belonged to the love they shared. Not posed. I simply prompted different situations to get from them these pure moments to capture on camera. When I prompt, instead of purely tell clients to look at each other, it gives them a reason or purpose for the photo, and this gives me an image filled with real, well, feelings.

We took a series of photos that I envisioned of them talking on their sofa at home, or simply saying nothing at all but speaking volumes to each other. Check out some of those below.

Being able to photograph in a studio also allows for use of many props without having to carry too many items to the session. In this case we used the textured walls, beautiful windows with black framing, and sofa to add to the story of this session. For me, this session spoke love, family, comfort, sensuality, pure happiness.

What locations are your favorite to host a session?