Taking time to freeze time...

When you schedule your Motherhood photoshoot you are honoring your space with your children. These sessions have a special place in my heart, because often as a mom we are the ones photographing and documenting our family, but we are not present in those photos. In an age of digital cell phone photography we take for granted how important a photo is. We can take up to 100 photos a day of our kids, food, partner, without even a thought that we are not in one. Our legacy is being written in these images, and without images of us with our family, how will generations to come get to honor us? This is why we freeze time with Motherhood Photo Sessions!

Beautiful mother holds daughter to her chest during photoshoot in Queens photo Studio.
Motherhood session with 5 year old daughter and her mother in queens photo studio.

Getting to know you

Each time I work with a new family I send out a questionnaire so I can get to know the family better, and find out what makes them connect. My portraiture is built on the foundation of connection. When you arrive in the studio, or on location, I have had the opportunity to chat with you and learn more about you so that I can find ways to have you and your family connect of camera. I do not ask families to smile all the time, that comes across as disingenuous. Instead I wait for moments to happen, and create opportunities for new ones. I use prompts with my families to help this process, such as "tell mom a secret in her ear", or "mom, smell your baby softly on their head". Using these props allows for authentic connections to happen, rather than a staged and forced smile at the camera.

How to create authentic emotion on camera

Here are few more ways I prompt families to get those genuine emotions captured by click of the shutter:

  1. We Play Games! Games like peak-a-boo, red light/ green light/ or ring around the Rosie are a fantastic way to have families laugh, smile, and move for me.
  2. Kiss & Cuddles; For most children, having a parent or loved one show affection for them by kissing them or holding them tightly will make them feel comfortable.This will show up as relaxed and happy.
  3. Have a conversation, and pretend I am not there. Help your family relax by talking about the day to come, or an upcoming event. This helps your kids and you, get out of their and focus on the talk rather than the photoshoot and camera in their face.
Headshot of mother during her photo session in queens, ny.
black and white image of mother with child during portrait session in queens, ny.
glam photo of mother during her portrait session with queens photographer.

Book your session today

There is no perfect occasion for booking a Motherhood Photo Session. Just do it! Create the space, and time to honor your position in your family and have portraits taken with you family. You will not be disappointed. And generations of family will be grateful that you are present in these images so they too can honor you.