Styling tips for your body type!

One of my favorite parts of the Style and Design Consultation that I do with each client, is helping them select outfits that they will feel amazing in, and love for their family photoshoot. I hear more often than not, my curvy clients tell me they want something that will hug their curves, without bunching or looking off. Here are a few tips that I have learned through the years on how to style your body for curves, and get a beautiful silhouette for your upcoming family photoshoot.

  • Shape-wear is a MUST! This is not just for photoshoots my ladies, this is an everyday essential. Shape-wear helps keep everything where it is supposed to be, while also cleaning up any lines, or unwanted bulges you may see through an outfit. Make sure to shop around and find shape-wear that works for your curves. Not all items are made the same, and you want to be comfortable. There are even shape-wear pieces that are great for your maternity session, or during your newborn session post giving birth. My favorite pieces are full bodysuits, some with little shorts. I suggest a neutral color. You will not be disappointed.
  • Choose outfits that hug your body, not hide it. There is a thin line between a fitted item that is cut well for your shape, and one that is just too small. If you have to constantly tug or adjust your outfit, it doesn't fit well, and you will be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for an outfit that hugs your body, but has a little room to move. You want to be able to move comfortably, especially when you are in the middle of a family photo session or trying to hold a small child during your photoshoot. A great dress idea is sweater dress, or swing dress with empire waist. The sweater dress can paired with a belt at your narrowest part of your waist to give an illusion of a smaller waist line, and the empire waist on a swing dress allows for the eye to go toward the top portion, usually a v-cut, and pulls the eye away from the middle of the body, while still giving your garment some shape and flow.

Amazing shape-wear option from

Beautiful Mid Length Sweater Dress from

Bold Orange Accordion Dress with Empire waist from

  • Say YES to Boot Cut Pants! A huge tip I learned years ago, is that a pant that draws my eye to the floor makes the leg appear longer and elongates the thigh. This helps proportion bodies that are petite and those that hold more weight in the midsection. While you are there, be sure to have your pants tailored correctly for your height. This fashion combo will surely keep your legs looking ready for the camera, or any day.
  • Opt for a high waist cut bottom. Skirts or pants with a higher waist draw the eye up towards the narrowest section of your body and will flatten out your tummy. The right sized high waisted pant or skirt will flatter your body and give you that longer body look that photographs beautifully.
  • Pencil skirts are a fantastic must have staple in your wardrobe. These fitted skirts look best a few inches past the knee and paired with a pump to give length to the leg. I especially love this look for ladies during a branding or portrait photoshoot, but it is one of my highest recommended pieces for all my ladies for all sessions. You can add a jean or leather jacket with this skirt, and a v-cut neck top for a relaxed yet leveled up look.

Perfect high waisted trouser from Eloquii.

High waisted skirt with wide waisted band from Eloquii site.

Try on your outfit.

I suggest that you try on all the outfits you are thinking of bringing to your photoshoot at least 2 weeks prior to the session. This is one of the most important steps in picking your outfit, because you need to be sure it fits. It would be very upsetting if the day of the session you arrived with a bag of beautiful outfits, and none of them make you feel beautiful or feel right on. Be sure to try everything on, including your shape-wear, and have anything that needs tailoring done on time. And don't forget to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


I love to add interest to a photograph with accessories including necklaces, belts, hats, or even a fun flower. Adding these pieces can elevate your image, and also add personal touches of you to the photo. Bring a bag of jewelry with you to have at the ready for your photographer to use during your photoshoot. Maybe you have an heirloom piece that has been passed down from your mother or grandmother, that will look ideal for your maternity session. Or a beautiful hat that you can twirl around with or adds some texture to a beautiful outdoor family photoshoot. Accessories absolutely have a place in your photos if done correctly.

Last minute tips for a perfect photoshoot.

Here are a few last minute tips I offer all my clients to help prepare the night before a photo session:

  • Have a checklist with everything you will be bringing
  • Steam or iron your garments
  • Pack your shape-wear, accessories, and shoes
  • Try on your outfits one last time
  • Take a deep breath and get ready for some fun

From motherhood sessions and newborn sessions, to annual family sessions, I love capturing women feeling amazing about themselves, and looking stunning in carefully selected outfits. Be sure to take advantage of any help your photographer has for your session. Additionally, I offer an extensive Client Closet for all clients to use during their session, and include sizes up to 3XXL to help make the process easier and more luxurious.

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I look forward to seeing what you select for your next session.