Your outfit selection for photos is so important!

When you book your photo session you immediately start planning outfits, but often it can be overwhelming to think of what colors go best together. I have mapped out a few color schemes and outfits selections to help you make your selection easier and your photos more beautiful.

Let's be honest, your outfits in your photos will make the difference from ok images, to stunning ones. And as your photographer, my goal is to have you look your best on camera so you print your images and cherish them.

When working with families I ask them to send me photos of their final selections on outfits to insure they flow well together in colors, textures, and silhouettes. It doesn't have to be stressful when you have someone to help you along the way.

Coordinate colors

Wearing colors that compliment each other allows for each person to have a personality in the photo without blending too much into each other. The correct colors will also help sculpt, and define your body. Below you will find a few color pallets to help inspire your for your images.

  1. Grey, Olive Green, Lilac, Beige
  2. Dusty Blue, Mauve, White, Vintage Pink, Pale Green
  3. Neutrals
  4. Navy, Mustard, Fuchsia, Grey

Have fun with color, but think about how these images will look printed on your walls in your home. Do the colors match your decor? Do the colors add a pop to your wall of legacy images?

Select your Outfit First

Mom, select what you are wearing before you buy family outfits, and then build everyones outfits out from you. Yes, you come first here, and it will make a huge difference on the total of your family photos. Select a color that makes you feel beautiful, your energy will shine on camera. After you have selected you beautiful outfit, start to think of textures that will look good together. This can include sweaters, scarves or a shawl, and even a beautiful blanket.

Do's & Don'ts


Add Accessories that give your body structure and interest. This can be a nice belt to add a focal point to your waist, or chunky necklace to give the illusion of a small chest.

A few other great ways to accessories include a sweater or light jacked for Dad or boys, and cute boots and shoes for girls.

Get a manicure and if appropriate, a pedicure. Your hands will show in your photos. At minimum remove any chipped polish

Be sure to do your hair and makeup - do it! Your photos will just look better


Stay away from clothing that has labels, branding, or big words that are visible

Wear clothing that fits your body; if you have to constantly tug at it, don't wear it

Avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, or other items that will shade or cover your face

*If you wear glasses, plan on wearing them during the session but please do not wear transitional glasses as there will be no editing to those.

Where to Shop

There are so many shops to purchase from when choosing your family photo outfits, and that can make it very confusing. I have done some work for you and have a few suggestions:

  1. Rent the Runway! - This is my favorite place to suggest to families to get beautiful outfits that will absolutely stun. You can select from many designer gowns and separates that are exquisite and will be very different from what other people are wearing. The best part is that you can get a designer piece for a fraction of the cost since you are simply renting it.
  2. Amazon - This is the easy, pretty, and convenient way to shop, and I love it! Click her for a list of ideas right from the website and suggestions in my clients lists to help you. The best part of this is that many options are available for free shipping and returns so you can have the ease of ordering from home and sending back anything you don't want or doesn't fit correctly.
  3. Some of my other favorite shops:
  4. For Mom - VICI Online Boutique, Zara, Lulus
  5. For Dad - Zara, ASOS, Banana Republic
  6. For Kids - Zara, H&M,

Day of Preparation

Ok, now you have the outfits, you have the accessories, and you have checked off your Do's and Don'ts, it's time for your family photo session. Be sure to take out and steam or iron all items that need it the day before so you are not scrabbling at the last minute. Get a ziplock bag ready with all your accessories, and a separate one with all your snacks, wipes, and any other bribe gifts you need {look at my blog for more ideas on how to get kids excited about your photos}. If you are wearing shape-wear undergarments make sure you have those ready!

When you are leaving take a deep breath and get ready to roll with whatever comes your way. I promise, I will be sure to capture beautiful emotive images that your family will treasure.

Ready to book an amazing photo experience? Contact me at info@sweetsolphoto to schedule a consultation and discuss your vision.