Choosing a Location!

Deciding on hiring a professional photographer is just the first step in your photoshoot. You now have to decide what kind of session you want and with that comes location, outfits, accessories, and even time of the year!

Here are 5 tips to help you select the perfect location for your upcoming session!

Tip 1 - Showcase your home

Decide on the style of session you want, documentary, lifestyle, posed. Maybe you have just finished a big remodel in your home and want to showcase your stunning living or kitchen spaces. Get out some cookie sheets and have your photographer capture you and the family pulling apart some gooey yummy chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe you just complete the nursery room of your dreams, make sure that you get in that room and read a story to your newborn babe. These moments will tell the perfect story, yours!

Tip 2 - Use Nature!

What kind of weather is going on outside? Are you photographing during the beautiful fall season where the leaves may be falling and changing into gorgeous shades? This may be a great time to get shots outside and on location. Grab some leaves and play a game with the kids or your honey love. This is such a fun way to capture genuine smiles and belly giggles from everyone involved. If it is the summer and you want some airy shots, get to the beach, toss off your shoes and play in the water. Not every shot needs to be staring at the camera with ear to ear smiles. Try and use these sessions to capture moments.

Tip 3 - Explore Scenic Studios

Be open to studio spaces! Here in NYC we have some beautiful studio spaces available for rent for sessions. this gives us create folk a choice of styles to photograph in and help clients feel super special. Studio spaces are more than a piece of paper backdrop, they can include beautiful hardwood floors, brick walls, vintage furniture, florals, swings, bathtubs... so many options when using creative spaces. This really allows you and the photographer to explore some fun creative ideas and do something completely different. My recommendation... get in a studio at least once!

Tip 4 - Cityscape

Every city and town has a unique feel, get out there and explore that with your photographer. Maybe your family loves to have ice cream at the local mom and pop shop, or you and your love are expecting a little on and your favorite late night crave spot has amazing windows... get the shot there! Nothing better than embracing the city you live in and celebrating it along side some of your favorite treats. Your photographer will be able to use their eye to see spots to photograph in front of. This may include a staircase, a brick wall, a mirror, just trust their artists eye and go with the flow.

Tip 5 - Comfort is King and Queen!

Whether you are pregnant, or a family of 4 with littles who are running crazy, remember that these sessions should be fun and not stressful! Easier said than done, I know, but really, have fun!!! Know your limits and make sure you are comfortable. If you are late in your pregnancy don't select a location that requires walking far, or on unstable terrain. With little kiddos who might like to explore maybe selecting a busy street spot is not ideal, so go with a quiet side street for a safer choice. Still getting the feel you want, but not in a way that puts you or your family in an uncomfortable space.

Folks, your session should be fun. It should highlight your family first and the location should bring that to life, not be the center of attention. Remember to always chat with your photographer during your consult session to identify the best location that fits your story, not theirs. Ask questions. Make sure they have scouted the location. And in the end, show off those photos on your walls, and in your albums.