In-home newborn sessions are meant to capture real moments between family.

I travel all over Queens, NY as a Newborn Photographer, and love offering in-home sessions for my clients. From the moment mom contacted me about her session, she was clear that the focus would be on her two little ones, not the parents. As a newborn photographer who specializes in capturing authentic moments, especially when creating in-home newborn art, I was looking forward to challenge of creating a gallery that captured the relationship between these two tiny humans. After all, a new person was entering this stunning 2 year olds life, and a big change was about to happen.

When I arrived at their Forest Hills, Queens home I was greeted by the sister, and she was ready for her moment. I travel to in-home newborn sessions with outfits for mom, siblings up to 5 years old, and all the goodies I may need for the new baby. Sister was very excited about seeing what items I brought and wanted to get dressed ASAP. After allowing some time to get myself organized, I was able to access the light of the home to better know where we would photograph, and then we were off.

After giving birth, allowing me to come to you just easier!

Let's face it, after giving birth mama is tired! So is everyone else in the home. Allowing your photographer to come to your home allows you to rest more, move less, and feel more at ease. Every in home session that I do is different, from the lighting of the home, to the colors on the walls, each home is unique. This creates a personalized space for your session since no two sessions can be the same. There is no real session flow because we are telling your story, not mine.

In-home newborn sessions are unique in many ways, and when there are siblings it can be even more rewarding. This family wanted their session to be relaxed and comfortable. And that is what we accomplished.

This beautiful boy was born right before Christmas and mom wanted to capture a few images of her two kids having fun in front of the tree. This included adorable pajamas, and very casual positioning. Unless a family wants posed images, I work hard to allow for situations to unfold in front of my lens so I can capture organic family moments. That being said, it is so important to know that none of this truly happens on it's own. I created situations for big sister to engage with her brother by asking questions, prompting her to do fun things, and in the end playing some games. Doing these little tasks allowed her to feel comfortable in front of my camera, not shy in front of a new person, and for me to capture some tender family moments.

This is how I was able to capture brother and sister snuggling, finding noses, and just being new friends.

Letting the story unfold!

I love photographing families on their beds if I can. It feels cozy, it's soft, and people are just comfortable there. That was absolutely the case for these two! Baby boy was sound asleep as his big sister cuddled, kissed, and even took a break from all the loving she had for him. I love in-home newborn sessions for many reasons, and among them is that when siblings are involved, they seem to be so much more comfortable there than in studio. As I tell all clients when we have our initial call, you have to envision what kind of art you want on you walls, and then we can create a plan that fits that. The story these two were telling during my time there was one of support and love, and maybe above all other things, comfort with each other.

I was even able to convince mama to take one photo of her hand gently caressing her baby. Although she did not want to be in any photos, I shared with her how important it was to at least get one image of her touching her baby. Photos of parents hands on newborns show size, tenderness, and care. There is no reason not to get involved in one or more photos of the baby, in my opinion it is so important to have parents experience these moments through these images.

Lastly, when I am creating a gallery of art for my in-home newborn families, I am always trying to understand more about what makes their family unique. I get this information from my initial intake call, questionnaire, emails, and finally when I step into their home, seeing what kind of decor speaks to them. This family had huge black and white images of their family in their dining space and I immediately knew when I delivered their gallery I had to include some emotion filled images in black and white. Mom loved it!

Remember, all sessions should be catered to your style and feel. Don't be afraid to ask questions of your photographer, look at their work, and in the end enjoy the experience. Because your baby will only be this tiny for a short amount of time.

Black and white image of mother cradling newborns head during lifestyle session in queens new York.
beautiful girl sits on bed in a gaze at a her doll during her family session in their home.
Hand of a parent holding their newborns head gently on the bed during their newborn photo session in forest hills ny.
Baby swaddled in white wraps on the bed during his lifestyle newborn session.
close up image of baby boy during his newborn photoshoot in family home.
Sweet baby boy hold his face during his newborn session in his family home.
Adorable newborn baby wearing a holiday bonnet lays on his bed during his newborn session.
Newborn boy gives slight smile as he lays next to his big sister on the bed during his family photo session in home.
A gentle image of a newborn boy being photographed through his crib bars as golden light shines on him.