Baby Z was a dream during his Newborn Session!

I know, I know... everyone says that, but he really was. At just 35 weeks this tiny human decided it was his turn to make his way into the world and Mama and I began planning his in-home photo session. She had a vision for her photoshoot and I was happy to be able to chat during our Style and Design Consultation to create the Lifestyle Newborn session she had hoped for. It doesn't hurt that the nursery for this beautiful boy was absolutely exquisite!

Mamas decor style was sleek and minimalistic with pops of color. When I arrived for our session I was able to find tour the home and find the best lighting for the session in three rooms, the nursery, the main bedroom and the living room. These three areas gave gorgeous natural light that allowed me to capture some fantastic out of camera images. It is so important to find the best light in each space. After finding the spaces we will take our photos we discussed any special outfits or details that the family would want captured during the photoshoot and then got started.

We begin our session in the main bedroom where the decor was white with beautiful plush pillows and stunning window light.

New parents hold newborn baby boy in their hands as they gentle close their eyes and take in the moment.
Baby boy during Newborn Photoshoot is wrapped with his foot showing while in father holds him on the bed in photoshoot.
Father and newborn son exchange a soft nose touch as he leans over baby on bed during newborn session.
New parents are sitting on bed with newborn baby in the foreground with bubbles on his little lips during session.

Details and Pops of Color!

I fell in love with he nursery when this beautiful mama sent me the prep photos prior to our session. I always ask the families to send over a few quick shots of the rooms of the home around the time we have our session scheduled. This allows me to get an idea of what light might be best. That being said, day to day the light will change depending on the clouds and other weather factors. This is why I always bring a reflector and an off camera flash setup if needed. Back to the nursery, the bold blue they used really added such a fantastic contrast to the all neural color pallet that carried across the home. These pops of color photographed incredibly.

Beautiful mother kisses the top of newborn sons head while sitting in her rocking chair in nursery.
New parents could close forehead to forehead in front of crib holding baby during newborn photoshoot.
Father holds newborn to his chest and kisses the top how his head as baby sleeps with adorable tiny bubbles on his lips.

Telling their story with their things...

As a Newborn & Family Photographer I feel like it is my duty to capture the unique story that each family has to offer. It is not just about posing each family in the same 5 situations, it is about finding the connection with each family and capturing the small details that make that family special. When we made our way to the living room I quickly found some details that I knew would photograph beautifully, a basket filled with blankets and textures in the corner, and a fabulous brown leather ottoman that sat in the center of the room.

Stunning over the shoulder photo of a family sitting not he sofa holding newborn baby boy during Photoshoot.
Sleepy newborn wrapped with feed exposed and laying in the center of a basket with faux fur blanket under.
New parents enjoy a soft kiss on the sofa while holding baby newborn boy in hands.
Cute newborn boy is wrapped in cream colored blankets as he makes adorable scrunched up nose face.

Creating the experience

Newborn sessions are a beautiful way to capture each families authentic story. When I am welcomed into someones home my goal is to honor that space by capturing special details that mean something to the family. Be sure to tell your photographer if there are any special spaces in home that you want photographed, or items that mane something to you. This is a great way to be sure yours photos come back with more than just a picture, they come back with a feeling that you can keep with you forever.

I tell each family that I work with that their time is precious and allowing me to come into their home is a great privilege. This is why I also tell them not worry about deep cleaning their homes post baby simply tiny up and I will move any small details I need to to make sure that each shot is clutter free and focused on the family. New families are sleep deprived and have been things to do than detail cleaning the baseboards of their homes! Together we can find all the right angles to capture the home and the family in these forever photos.

Most sessions are done in about an hour and a half, and boom, the family is back to their new regular routine of caring for their new baby and helping mom to heal after birth. Ask me how we can make your experience a memorable one and book your session today!