What should you wear to your session?

One of the questions I get asked most is, what should clients wear for their sessions. Many of my clients take full advantage of the fact that I offer dresses for mom, and outfits for kids from newborn through 5 years of age as a part of my session offerings. But for those who choose to style themselves and wear their own outfits, the question remains, and I am here to help.

In the end I want my clients to love their photos, and one of the biggest parts of that is what they are wearing in the photos themselves.

From colors, to textures, selecting outfits can seem intimidating, but rest assured, it does not have to be.

Choose outfits that coordinate, but do not match.

Now hear me out! Yes, those adorable family photos with matching outfits looks sweet, but what will age best is a timeless photo with each member wearing outfits that blend well together. Think of colors that compliment each other, rather than exact colors or patterns.

Here are a few color pallets to help you choose your next family outfit.

Adding accessories can level up your outfits!

You can add a lot of style and polish to your family photo session by including some simple accessories to each family members outfit. Not only will the outfits look complete, but you can add elements to your photos that show movement and that always makes for a great shot.

Scarves, necklaces, a family heirloom, can all do the trick. The magic is in how you layer it, and how you use it during the session.

  1. If you have on a scarf, you can wrap it around your little ones, or your love to bring them closer, adding a level of intimacy to your photo.
  2. Using that same scarf, you can play a game of tug of war, adding some playful elements to the shot.
  3. A beautiful chunky necklace can attract the viewers eyes to you neck, one of the most beautiful parts of the body, focusing the eye on a place you want attention to be drawn rather than a spot you want to avoid.
  4. A statement earring is also a great way to add texture to a photo. It may be a macrame earring or, stunning studs with layers of jewel accents. These pieces can be beautiful, especially for those headshots and close ups.
  5. Shoes. shoes. shoes! The shoes really do sometimes make the man (or woman!) your outfit is not complete without shoes! You want something that is pretty, not dirty, and in the end, comfortable (in most cases). Be sure to communicate with the photographer on what kind of location you will be in when being photographed. High heals don't work well in dirt or other easy to sink materials. You may opt for a boot or a chunky heel in that scenario.

Communication is key for a successful session. Be sure to ask lots of questions so there is no surprise element when you arrive to your session.

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Above images from this past years outdoor minis!