Maternity photography should highlight your beauty.

My absolute favorite types of sessions are maternity photoshoots, no question, hands down! There is something about a photo that captures the beauty of motherhood that just makes me stop and look. Maybe it's the glow of a mom to be, or the idea that new life is being created within the amazing body of a woman, but no matter what it is, it is magic!

And I truly believe that the magic comes from you, not stuff around you in the photo.

When this Goddess of a mama to be walked into the studio I was just blown away. She absolutely understood the assignment. Hair and makeup were done (more on that later), and her energy was just ready to capture her special day. We used no props or elaborate backdrops, just her, a chair, and a plain drop. Easy. Simple. Elegant.

I honestly didn't have to do much, she really did come in with a glow that was her own. But together we worked to make sure she felt comfortable in front of the camera so the results showed her personality in the finished product. From the moment we start chatting about our session I let her know she would be taken care of and respected, always asking along the way how she is feeling. Relationship building is key to making any session create glorious images. A stiff client will show up on camera.

So how do you prepare for your perfect maternity photoshoot? Honestly it is very simple. Make sure to contact the photographer you want to work with early into your second trimester to book your date. I suggest booking between 28-33 weeks along so your baby bump is looking round but you are not too tired to move about. Talk to your photographer about style and feel of the session. Remember, this is your session, so find a photographer who's look matches your style. For example, if you like bright color filled images, find someone who's work reflects that, because you are most likely going to be happy with the outcome.

Many photographers will have options for their clients to choose from for wardrobe. This all inclusive approach takes the guesswork out of the client and allows for them to just arrive to the session ready to go. During our Style and Design Consultation after booking we discuss all the things you want in your session, style, location, number of outfits, accessories, etc. I currently have 10 dresses from fitted to flared to fit all body types and make mama feel amazing. All you need to bring to our session is panties and a strapless/backless bra to match your skin tone. The rest we take care of. This should include hair and makeup! Any photo with full hair and makeup done is going to look more polished. Whether you get yours done in your home, at a studio on the way, or want to book a package with a hair and makeup artist on site of the shoot, make the effort because it will make a difference in the final product. Just look at this stunning expecting mama!

Lastly, have fun! When you chat with your photographer at booking let them know what makes you comfortable. Talk about music you like or if you choose to do an outdoor session, pick a location that feels right. If you like edgy city vibes, then let's head to a stunning brick lined street with city scapes behind you. If you are a nature lover, then let's find the perfect sanctuary or greenhouse to set your images up against. Or, like this mama, you love a simple studio setup, we can do that and let your mama to be glow shine through.

Can't wait to book your next maternity photoshoot!

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