Celebrating Motherhood

Let's be honest, most moms are snapping photos on their phones daily of their little ones with very few of those actually including themselves in them. I am that mom too. I get it. That is why Motherhood Photoshoots are so absolutely amazing. These specialized photoshoots really allow for the mom to be highlighted and celebrated.

During Motherhood sessions the goal is to capture authentic, emotive, love filled images for you to print, hang on your walls, and make into adorable mini albums to keep for generations to come. Each session is unique, and tells your families story. Which is why I take time to speak with each client about their vision for the session, learn about each families dynamic, and even do virtual style calls to help select outfits, accessories, and what prints and images will be best suited for your home based on decor style.

I had such a wonderful time with this Mama during her studio Motherhood Photoshoot. We created timeless photos by using a white backdrop and allowing the focus to be on her and her new baby boy. Sometimes simplicity is best, and in this case, I would absolutely agree. We chose neutral colors for outfits, and she had her hair and makeup done perfectly so she would highlight all her stunning mama beauty. Taking the time to get a little more glammed up than usual goes a long way during your photoshoot. You don't have to go overboard with makeup, but absolutely do more than you would normally do so when the photos are printed you stand out!

Keys to a successful Motherhood Photo session:

  1. Talk to your photographer! Make sure they know what your vision of the session is so you are more than satisfied with the end result. Many photographers ask for an inspiration board from clients to make sure everyone is on the same page and they can create art that you are drawn to. Think about this, if you really love bright and colorful images, but your photographer is known for dark and moody photos and you never communicate your wants, you are going to end up with dark and moody images. That is not what you want right? Communication is key.
  2. Dress for the occasion. Take this as an opportunity to get dressed in your best and shine, or if your photographer has a Client Closet, pick something that you feel beautiful in, but that feels like you. I offer my clients options between dresses, skirts, sweaters, tops, and fabrics to drape and create faux dresses, as well as accessories. This option allows my clients to go shopping without spending any extra money, and still look and feel glamorous.
  3. You define GLAMOROUS! As with any trend, wearing something that doesn't exactly feel right, will show up in your body language, so be sure to wear something that YOU like, not just what the photo trends or you photographer are saying. Let me be clear, you will dress up! You will look more glamorous than usual. You may even wear a dress or outfit you would not normally wear, and that's the point! But, you absolutely should feel good in it, or your energy will come across on camera.
  4. Getting the kids to cooperate can seem daunting! You are not alone if you are terrified that you kids will hate taking photos or run crying, they just might. But here are a few ways to make the experience enjoyable, and maybe even convert your kids into lifelong photoshoot lovers. First off make it fun, tell them this is part of a days adventure and after take them out to do something they enjoy, like park play, out to eat at their favorite spot, or an ice cream. I also tell parents to bring along a gift that is wrapped and special and let the child know that they will open it after the photoshoot is over. This way they feel like they are being rewarded and it is something special just for them. Another tip would be to have them bring along their favorite toy or snuggle toy and let them hold it during the session. I can always do magic with the item to have them share it with me for a bit and get it away, but if it makes them feel safe and happy let's let them have it.

Ok, so now you are ready to take on your Motherhood Photoshoot and create those beautiful generational memories that you can sit down and look at in almub

Mother looking longingly at newborn son in her arms
New Mother holding her son cheek to cheek while looking at the camera
mother with chin on her baby as she smiles
mommy kissing her son with a white backdrop