Do you have a gift for your Mother this Mother's Day?

Let's be honest, every year we scramble to get together the "perfect" Mother's Day gift for our mom, or grandmother. This year, why don't you give them a gift that means something to them, and you? An exclusive photo session with a professional photographer that will capture them, you, and any other generation available together in a beautiful photograph that will last generations.

Top reasons to have your Motherhood session:
  1. Your Mother will not be here forever - This is a real one, and for many of us in our age group, we realize our mother is aging just as we are and we NEED that beautiful portrait of her to honor her for years to come.
  2. Your babies will not be little forever - Here is yet another real moment to reflect on. No matter how old they are, they will get older, and you deserve to document those changes annually.
  3. Get in front of the camera Mama! - As the unofficial official family photographer you are the one currently documenting your daily through images, and you are not in them. Your children want to see you too. Your children deserve to have a beautiful image of you. You deserve to see your beauty too.
Stunning older mother with distinctive tattoos in glam portrait with queens photographer Sweet Sol Photo.
Grown Daughter and her Mother in a beautiful portrait with Queens, NY photographer.

What kind of printable should I give Mom?

Gosh, I simply gush over holding a beautiful image in my hand of my kids. Like I smile so hard my face hurts... and I love it! No image on a screen gives me that same feeling. This is why I always include prints and products with clients for each photo session. I value a tangible product and they make the BEST GIFT for mom.

Top Printable Gift Ideas
  1. My number one selling product is a Folio Box! These amazing boxes are filled with luxury prints of matted images from you photo session that you can take out and hold in you hand. It's like a deconstructed luxury album you can touch and feel.
  2. Albums - Each year you can update your photo albums with new images and keep them on your shelf or coffee table to share with everyone who enters your home, or snuggle up with tea and flip through the pages to relive your beautiful Mother's Day session.
  3. Wall Prints - If you are a visual person like I am, your walls are adorned with images, and this is why I print my images, mount them, frame them, and put them on my walls. Imagine having the most beautiful image of you and your family taken and it is printed professionally and placed on your wall in a stunning 20x30 mounted and framed. Now that is a beautiful gift.

Book Your Mother's Day Session

I can give you reason upon reason to book a session, but my favorite reason you should do it is because you deserve it. You deserve to have a beautiful portrait of you with your mother. You deserve to have a stunning image of your mother on your wall. You deserve to document your children as they age with you by their side. You deserve it because you deserve to be seen.

Get in front of the camera.

I am offering a Motherhood Exclusive Mini Session on Sunday, May 6th in Queens, NY, and I want to see you on the other side of my camera. To book your session click here: Sweet Sol Photo Motherhood Session 2023

Sweet baby held by mother during a Mother's Day session in Queens, NY photoshoot with Sweet Sol Photo.
Breastfeeding image of Mother in a glam gown during Mother's Day photoshoot in Queens, NY.
Mother holding brand new baby skin to skin during Motherhood session in Queens, NY.
Sweet Mother holds her daughter and snuggles into her during a Motherhood session in Queens, NY.
Classic Chinese attire Motherhood session of mother and daughter during Queens, NY photoshoot.
Mother and Son smile at each other during Mother's Day session in Queens, NY with Sweet Sol Photo.