Lifestyle Sessions - in your arms!

Lifestyle sessions allow the beauty of your family to shine through while staying in your home, highlighting any items that are meaningful to you, and sharing your authentic family self! In a lifestyle photo session the baby is typically in your arms or on your bed most of the session, really allowing for the connection of your family to be the highlight of the photoshoot. And as relaxed as the sessions look, don't worry, you are not on your own, a great photographer will direct you the entire way through the photoshoot to help create beautiful emotive captures your family will treasure.

What I love most about a newborn session done in your home is truly capturing the intimacy of your family. Often times we begin the session in the living room, then head to the master bedroom, and finally the nursery for some alone baby shots. These are in no way in a mandated order, but typically can get us some organic shots of the family and the lighting in these areas are usually the best. Again, the most important thing that directs our newborn session is lighting. No need for a luxury upgrade right after giving birth, all I need a clutter free area and the rest is magic. Any photographer that comes to your home will first find the most flattering light and then set the stage or ask for certain items to be moved off camera for a clean shot. It is all magic!

Mamas and babies are typically able to be outfitted by my Client Closet, and many photographers love to offer outfit ideas for the photoshoot so that the family has one less thing to think about and keeps everyone feeling and looking beautiful. I offer dresses in different sizes and colors to fit clients styles and comfort. When picking an outfit for your photoshoot try and coordinate colors and not worry about matching everything. This keeps your photos cohesive and timeless. An in the end, always consult with your photographer for ideas and suggestions, this can help make your investment in the session feel worth while.

Clients always ask when is the best time to have a lifestyle newborn photoshoot, and for me personally I love to photograph babies between 2 and 4 weeks of life. This allows the family to adapt to each other and create a beautiful connection. Not to mention, the baby tends to open their eyes more, allowing for some amazing eye contact shots!

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Posed Sessions

A big trend over the last few years is posing new babies in various props and positions. Buckets. Bowls. Outfits. Some families absolutely love this style and want to minimally be in their newborn sessions. When scheduling a posed session I share with my families that the focus of these sessions is the baby, with a sprinkle of family, and to be ready for a slow moving concentrated session. This is because it takes time to settle a baby and pose them into these desired positions. Always remembering that if the baby does not want to be put into a specific pose we will simply move on.

Babies are just very small humans after all.

If you are choosing this type of photoshoot, please be sure to ask your photographer about what safety classes, workshops, or other continuing education they have taken to provide them with the tools to safely handle your new precious baby. Education is the foundation to any professionals tool box and you want to be sure that whoever you trust with your newborn has been taught all the safety protocols.

When selecting a photographer and the poses you want for your photos, always know that in the end your baby will decide what they are comfortable doing. If during the session feeding, wrapping, or other soothing techniques does not help calm the baby, chances are the baby does not want to do that pose. Move on, and I promise your gallery will still be beautiful! For a posed newborn session most photographers will block a time slot for 2-4 hours to keep the baby fed, comfortable and ready to be posed. Depending on the style of session you want, this might be the session for you. Please note that most times, these sessions are also held in a very warm room to keep the baby asleep and typically happen between 5 and 10 days of new life when the baby is still womb like and easy to curl into womb like positions.

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queens newborn photographer

What is best for you?

I am a sucker for a combo session that allows for your family to shine in your home, with your things, and your memories, while also putting some beautiful baby led poses in your gallery. Organic. Emotive. Storytelling. Your story!

But that is me. My style. You have to find a photographer that speaks to your style, and to the photos that you are most drawn to.

So what will it be? In home Lifestyles Newborn Session or Posed Newborn Session?

Whatever you choose, enjoy the process, get dolled up, take the photos, and cherish the memories!