Finding a location for your Maternity

session can be daunting. I mean, how many different parks can there really be? Does a location really matter? What time should you book your session? Keep reading to find out hard and fast ways to make the right choices with your location decision for the most beautiful and memorable maternity photoshoot.

Close up of pregnancy mothers belly in front of shrubs during maternity session
Gorgeous woman in red maternity dress in studio photoshoot.
close up of Pregnant mothers belly with fathers hands over hers to form a heart.

It's all about the vibe.

If you enjoy nature, then get out there and have a session around the beautiful elements of Mother Nature. Beach. Mountain. City Backdrop! All of these can truly give a vibe that tells your personal story.

I love scouting locations so clients have options. You are not limited to parks. Remember that there are many other beautiful spaces, with gorgeous colors and textures that can really photograph super well.

When selecting an outside location it is important to think about the time of day you are going to be photographed. Mid day can be troublesome, but not impossible. And it can add some really fun light to your images. Your photographer should be able to work with any lighting situation.

Studio sessions are amazing because so much is controlled. The light, the design, all of it is within the hands of your photographer. You may opt for a session with a very clean and minimalistic feel. Giving off a high glam feel for your images. Studios can also add lots of texture and style with props and scene setups.

What kind of images speak to you? Natural vs. Classic Glam? Do you want waves crashing on you, or do you want beautiful gowns with luscious jewels adorning your neck?

Time of Year?

Depending on where you live, the weather may alter a lot during the seasons. Here in New York City we can have beautiful weather in November and then a snowstorm a day later. You just never know. Planning for all situations with your photographer is optimal.

I always have a backup plan. Most days we can keep our initial location selection, but if our session is for outside and the weather gets poor waiting is not typically in cards for my very pregnant clients. Instead we have a backup plan. If there is rain, we bring an umbrella and we shoot in areas with cover. Not the original plan, but absolutely a solution that ends up beautiful.

You may be able to rent a studio last minute, or find fun greenhouse to shoot in. I promise you there are other amazing solutions to any last minute problem. But in the end, do not be afraid of embracing the powers of nature as long as they are safe to be in.