Your Maternity session should make you feel like a Goddess!

Each maternity session that I have the honor of capturing on camera is special and every gallery should reflect the individuals personality and style. Most clients when they come to me are not used to having their photo taken professionally. My job as a Maternity, Family, and Newborn photographer is to make each person feel comfortable in front of my lens. This begins with our initial conversation, and finding out what makes them glow. Your energy will come out on camera, so here are 3 ways to create beautify studio art during your maternity session that will keep you feeling great, comfortable, and looking sensational.

  1. Talk to your photographer about YOUR style! What colors do you like? Do you like to show your belly or your arms? Or are you more modest, and like to cover up more? Are you a Glam Girl or a Jeans & Tee Gal? All of these things matter when selecting your outfits and the set design for your photos. During your initial call with a photographer ask about what dress options they offer, or, if they don't offer dresses, ask they if they offer styling suggestions as a part of your package. This can go a long way when selecting what kind of dress you want to use, or, maybe you rather use a jeans and a tee shirt, but don't know what will look best. With each of my packages clients are offered the opportunity to use dresses or carefully curated fabrics from my Client Closet to help create the style they are looking for during their session. This makes it easier for clients, and is one less item hey have to worry about purchasing.
  2. What kind of art would you like to hang on your walls? This is a good one guys! When you take your photos, you are capturing a part of your family legacy, don't you want to share that? One way to do that is by printing your images for beautiful wall art. As you think about what kind of image you would be proud to show on your wall, or in an album, this can help guide what kind of session you will want. When I chat with clients we discuss the colors of their home, the style {modern, classic, vintage}, and what kind of textures fit well with their decor. Thinking about these factors can help your photographer know if you want a more energized and vibrant with a full set design. Or if you want something timeless and heirloom with a beautiful simple studio setup. I ask clients to send me inspiration images from my work and others to know better what makes them smile. This can help narrow down the type of look we will create.
  3. Location, location, location! May things can factor in when it comes to selecting a location for your session including time of day, weather conditions, and time of the year your session will take place. As a photographer in the New York, Queens and, Long Island are the weather during the winter months can be unpredictable, and this often leaves me to book my sessions in studio for ease, safely and comfort of my mamas. But if you are an expecting mother really excited about having a winter baby and want that snowy look, but it just isn't snowing or your photographer suggests in indoor session, there are ways to create that look! Your photographer can create a set that includes colors, backdrops, and even the outfit styling to give your session the feeling of being outdoors. Or if you are having a summer baby but it is just too hot to be outside and photograph safely, then tell your photographer and they can help create a look that brings that scene indoors. Ask your photographer about location options and if they can accommodate in your home for a lifestyle look, in studio, or outdoor for an urban or park scene.

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