Newborn Photography is all about style.

When you search for a newborn photographer in New York City you will find thousands of posts, so how do you choose the one that is right for you? Selecting a photographer to capture your newborn baby's first photos can seem overwhelming, and I totally get it! From packages ranging in price, luxury vs. budget, studio vs. in-home sessions, to use props or no, mini sessions, family sessions, the list of options goes on and on. When I was creating my package I wanted to make it easy for new parents to select me based on value, simplicity, and the beauty I capture on camera.

So how do you choose a newborn portrait photographer? Here are a few quick tips to help you decide what is important to you.


This is the most important in my opinion. There are so many different newborn photography styles, posed sleepy in props, posed with outfits and elaborate backdrops, glam, natural all white, lifestyle in home. The list really does go on. When researching your photographer be sure to see what their style of work is so you know what to expect from your session. If you do not like your baby being dressed like a teddy bear, do not select a newborn photographer that puts teddy bear outfits on babies. When I first speak with a prospective client I ask them what about my work makes them want to choose me to capture their babies new life moments. This allows me to have a conversation about the style of session they are looking for. I ask parents to think about what these images mean to them and what they would like their child to say about them 30, 60 years after the session. These images will be seen for generations!


Something that pains me to my core is when families have professional photos taken by a photographer and NEVER print their images. If you come to my home you see printed images of my family all over our walls, in frames, in beautiful albums. I believe that art should be seen and felt. Like a real book, not an ebook! These photos of your newborn session need to be printed. Each one of my packages comes with prints. End of story. You will leave our experience with prints in hand to share with the family, and to adore every day. Quality printing on professional grade paper makes the difference. Ask your photographer about the products available with your package, and if you have the opportunity to purchase additional boutique products like glass and wood prints, luxury albums. I repeat, printing with a quality lab makes a difference with high resolution images.

queens newborn photographer captures mom cuddling baby boy in swaddle
newborn wrapped in green swaddle during queens newborn session

Experience of the Photographer

Newborn photographers (should) go through intensive safety training and education. This comes with a price tag. As an educated and trained photographer I know the value of my art and the techniques I put in place to ensure each baby is safe, and each session is handled with the greatest of care. After all, these tiny humans are their parents biggest treasure. That being said, each photographer comes with a different background, and different styles. Artists that use a lot of props will often charge more to cover these costs. Some newborn photographers start with a sitting fee and it only covers the actual session, no images are included. It is important to know exactly what your package includes. Each family that comes to me for a newborn photo session has a Style Consultation scheduled within days of booking. This appointment helps me discover what their vision is for the session, select items from my Client Closet for mama to wear, and any colors/fabrics that I will use for the baby. Following our Style Consultation each family will receive different points of communication covering everything from prepping for the session, to day of timelines to help them feel comfortable and stress free. Because we all know those first few weeks of newborn parent life are hard!


Newborns are only little for a short amount of time. But when is the right time to capture your newborn on camera? If you are looking for super posed images, especially ones of your little one in props and dressed up in outfits, the overwhelming answer is between 5 and 14 days. This is because under two weeks baby is the sleepiest. That being said, there are many factors that come into play. Was your baby early? Did your newborn stay in the NICU? and my favorite, Do you want open eyed shots of baby? If any of these things you answered yes to, you will most probably wait until 3 or 4 weeks to photograph your baby. If your baby was early chances are you have a few extra sleep days to catch up to their gestational age. If you want eye open shots looking at mama and daddy, then you will love waiting until that 3 to 4 week newborn stage when your little Bub is beginning to look around. This allows your photographer to capture your newborn in a different, and connected way. Again, think about what your vision for the photo session is and discuss it with your photographer.

When do book?

Most photographers will tell you that once you get into your 3rd trimester it is time to book your due date. This is because newborn photographers only schedule a certain amount of due dates per month due to the unpredictable nature of birth. After you have selected your artist, and scheduled your due date, now it's time to communicate when your beautiful baby is born to set an actual date for your session. On the day of your session it is so important to enjoy the process. Try and relax, your photographer will take care of everything! This is our job. Whether the session is posed or lifestyle, your experience should be filled with beauty.

The Final Reveal!

After your images are edited your photographer will share them with you. Some do in person presentations, some share them in a virtual call, and others share them with a link to your gallery. Once you receive your images be sure to love them, print them, share them. Newborn sessions come and go quickly. Don't forget to bring the tissues.

There you have it. From start to finish, how you can select the most amazing newborn photographer for your new little bundle of love.

If you are in the New York City/Long Island Area, email me to book your newborn session today!