Van Loon Park, New Jersey

A few weeks ago my best friend flew into town to visit family and of course see me! I knew right away I needed to have a photoshoot with her and her newborn baby EJ. We opted for a park in New Jersey that is home to a zoo, a carousel, a lush nature park, and a really well maintained kids park. It offered so many opportunities to take beautiful images.

Living far away from my best friend has been difficult through the years, especially when baby EJ came in late November and we knew it would be a while before we met. When the moment arose I was excited to take out my camera and photograph her newborn.

But wait! He was 5 months old! 

Traditionally newborn photoshoots happen a few weeks after the baby is born, allowing for very sleepy, peaceful snapshots of the babe and family. But since this was not an option due to his age, we decided to create a Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot feel, really highlighting her new maternal bond. The session focused on him being small and bonding with his mama. As I asked her to interact with her little guy, I wanted to capture the authenticity of their relationship, and I hope that it is felt through each photograph. 

EJ was the perfect little model. They played peek-a-boo, tickle games, and they smiled at each other showing their mutual joy for one another. I asked mama to cuddle her babe, give him tons of kisses, and simply do what they do well, love. That was magic.

Most timelines of newborn photography begin with a newborn session, followed by a 6 month milestone/sitting/crawling session, and then often a 1st birthday photoshoot. Because we photographed this session with a newborn feel, even captured some small toes in some shots, it allows for Jenny and family to still have that milestone photoshoot in a few weeks and celebrate yet another stage of his growth. 

I really enjoyed this one. Both because it was my beautiful friend and her baby, and also because it challenged that norm of when a newborn photoshoot should happen, and allowed me to be creative and design a special space for this mama and babe. 

I am always learning. And this was no different, but this time I really took my time to scout out the sun, the shade, and pick spots that were evenly lit. Not too easy for photos taken at one in the afternoon. All in all a great day!

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to snap the next one!

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