Through the fog

Let this post and family gallery be a wake up call to all families scared of a little mist and fog... don't be... magic can happen during any family photo session as long a little fun, some games, and lots of love are close by. I took to beautiful gardens in where this fabulous family lives, and plays to capture some fantastic moments of a growing family. Not only were capturing this families annual session, we were celebrating their youngest members 1st birthday. Family sessions are a great way to document milestones in your families history, even a 1st birthday!

When I first connected with this stunning mama of two she shared that she wanted to have at least one good photo of her family, I assured her we would have more than one, try a full gallery. With a few years of weirdness and lockdowns, they had not yet had a family session that included their youngest member. I wanted to be sure to make this photo session special. During the session I made sure to play games, use fun prompts, but in the end allow their energy to lead me in my photo taking.

Let's be clear, all sessions are directed. Not necessarily posed or staged, but guided to help capture your most authentic selves. Honestly, how many times do you have professional photos taken? It can be awkward. It is my role in this experience to help guide your energy into something that is meaningful and expressive, so your story is told on camera in a way that is fluid and fun.

Mother chases son in the park with beautiful smiles as they take family photos in Queens park.
This black and white image captures a mother holder her son to her chest as she breathes in and enjoys the fall day.
During this family session dad holds up his son and looks at him lovingly.

A Mothers Love

So many times, moms are the ones taking family photos on their phots, snapping away while they capture the joy of their littles tougher, or even with their dad. Hiring a professional photographer allows mama to be captured and have moments to treasure. I know first hand how special it feels to finally have a photo of me with my beautiful babies. That is why during this session I was excited to click away as this beautiful mother was able to finally have some photos of her with her boys. Your photo session is more than standing looking into my camera. It is about allowing yourself a moment, or more, to simply relax and let someone else be in charge of documenting your families story.

After chatting with my client during our initial call I knew she needed more than just a photo of her family looking at the camera. She needed a break from your daily routine to just spend time with her family. This allowed me the fantastic job of watching, connecting, and in the end snapping my shutter to the sound of their laughter and love.

And let's not forget the importance of capturing each couples love! During every session I find it is my obligation to spend a few moments with each couple and photographing their energy together. Before each session I send out a questionnaire to each family to get to know their habits, this includes how they like to interact in public. Some couples enjoy public displays of affection, others do not, and it is important to note that as their photographer so they are as comfortable as possible. In this case, I hit the jackpot with this loving couple. They hadn't had professional photos taken of themselves alone since their wedding... I can relate.

We found a safe way to entertain the kids while I captured their loving energy on camera! Can you feel the love (pun intended!)

Scheduling your session

No matter the time of year, you can have magical photos taken of your family to document that time in your history. From studio, to Inhome or outdoor sessions, together we can create a situation that speaks to your unique family and capture authentic energy on camera.

Ready to book? email me at info@sweetsolphoto or click on the contact link through the site to fill out an inquiry form.

Beautiful boy climbs a tree with mom behind him during Queens NY family photo session.
Gorgeous little boy stares directly into the camera as he climbs a tree during his family photo session in Queens NY.
Loving father holds his little boy as he stares into the wonder of the fog in a Queens NY park on a foggy day photoshoot