Home with a new babe.

For many new families, heading home with your new babe can be absolutely overwhelming, add in the want to take newborn photos and have to leave that home, it can add even more stress. My goal when offering in-home newborn photography is to remove all the stress, eliminate all the frustration, and deliver photos that tell your family story. When I was invited to photograph baby E and her family I was honored to capture these.


Hosting your newborn session in your home requires you to be relaxed and enjoy the ride, no deep cleaning needed, this is about comfort. When I arrive I will look for the best available light, usually all I need is a big window, and most of your photos will be taken around that light source. If there is any clutter I need to move, I do it on the spot and we keep moving. Your comfort and the comfort of your new baby is paramount to a great experience.


When I am capturing an in-home newborn session, my goal is to capture you as organically and naturally as possible. Holding your baby, looking at your partner as they hold their new blessing, nursing your new little one. These sessions are more about documenting your family as they are NOW, and not about staging props and posing your new little one.


Although we do not need a full cleaning of your home, a few staging tips can go a long way to creating a beautiful scene for your newborn session and images.

  • Declutter any tables or beds and put on a fresh neutral bed sheet
  • Open all windows to let in as much natural light as possible
  • Take out any important family heirlooms or items you may want to include in your photos
  • Be ready with your hair and makeup done prior to my arrival so we can start photographing and flow through the session

Enjoy the Session

Do not stress! This is a time of capturing your new family as you are TODAY.

Ready to book your session? Contact me during the early part of your third trimester to schedule your due date. When he baby arrive, all you do is contact me again and we set a date to create magic. It really is that easy.

See you soon!